Right now, I'm feeling pure, unadulterated joy coupled with crushing despair at the exact same time. Why ? Because, I just finished a rough draft of my new screenplay.  I literally just typed "The end" on the damn thing...BUT OH WHAT A FILTHY LIE.

My writer friends know the feeling. When you "finish" its like hitting the lottery. You're frolicking in the streets, dropping it like its hot with complete strangers and then, within moments, it all comes crashing down.  You find yourself dazed and confused, standing in the middle of your kitchen, eating from a bag of croutons, wondering, "HOW COME WHY MY EYES ARE CRYING?" 

That's because the real work is about to begin. That faithful work of shaping a formless piece of clay into what you hope will be a timeless work of art that will inspire humanity for ages. Or, more likely, a sort of coherent movie that you pray people might watch if they finally take Snowpiercer off Netflix.