Believing in the Impossible / by Justin Warren

In my opinion, the bike chase sequence from E.T. is perhaps one of the highest points in cinema in the last 50 years. Spielberg is a true living master of the filmmaking craft. Watch how he stages all of the elements (the kids, the police cars, camera placement) and pay attention to how each shot is put together, carefully  building its brilliant climax. You never once lose your sense of geography and the pacing is fantastic. This film means so much to me because it is a love letter to the young child inside of us. Beckoning us to return to that purer more idyllic child still alive in all of us. That child that once believed in the impossible...before the harsh world tried to stomp the dreams out of us. 

For my friends who are believers, this is the ultimate cinematic metaphor for God's grace. Watch when Elliot is hurling full speed for the police cars with no way to escape from his captors. And right when it appears all is lost, he closes his eyes and the impossible occurs -- he flies. He is saved by a benevolent higher being because of his belief in what many would label "impossible." He's saved by grace. It never ceases to bring tears to my eyes. I hope it brightens your day. #27daysofawesome