Then There Was Joe: Behind the Screams / by Justin Warren


Watch episode one here right now:

Do you remember those old, shiny, roundish things? You'd put them in that dust covered box under your TV and magically a movie would appear? I forgot the name of them.

 Alright, I just googled it. They were called "Digital Video Discs."  

The DVDs are slowly dying from crippling blow from the new kid on the block -- video on demand. I'm not sad about it, but I do miss one critical thing from DVDs that VOD has yet to fill: Cool behind the scenes shit.  

As we finish my first feature film "Then There Was Joe," I thought it'd be cool to release little peeks into our process through the final stages of post production. Just like the BTS features on a DVD, except you get them before the movie comes out. How cool is that!!?!?

So, we just released the first episode. You can watch it and follow along with us in real time by getting on our list. Episode one is playing now:

You can also follow along here: