2016: Sit in the corner. Think about what you’ve done. / by Justin Warren

According to social media, 2016 was the most horriblest year since the dawn of man. And for a second, I believed it. Based on what I was reading, you’d think we just lived through slavery or another Holocaust. Or the year Troll 2 came out.

We was jetting outta 2016 like...

2016 did suck. But not as bad as we think.

From an emotional standpoint, this past year was the hardest I’ve ever lived through. When Trump was elected, It felt like the world ended. Same when Prince died. But what I’m realizing is when we feel like the Earth is imploding, yet it continues to spin, we emerge stronger and with new resolve. 2016 was weird AF. But we’re still here. We’re still standing. And South Park is STILL on TV. Think about that...

Even though we (as Earth) collectively shat our pants last year, we should use that as fuel to live fuller, more intentional lives in 2017. As Erwin McManus says, the President can’t stop us from doing good deeds. We have more power to affect positive change in our communities than any government institution or some billionaire megalomaniac Russian loving serial liar with bad hair.

Change starts with us. I’m making a commitment to be more vigilant and aware of any -ism or form of bigotry in my community. I will support REAL news sources (via paid subscriptions and downloads) and seek for more understanding with others that don’t understand me.

In the words of the great Michael Jackson says, I’m starting with the nigga in the mirror.